Find out if you should keep your job or leave it.

    Whether you're in the job market, or considering your next move, the Job Decision app will assist you in evaluating your job options.

  • Deciding to make a career move may have been difficult in the past but not anymore!

    Introducing the Job Decision App – a one of its kind innovative app that assists you in making your job decisions easier and effective.



  • Easy to use

    User friendly, screen instructions available.

  • Summary reports

    Clear graphics, bar charts, tabular reports, comparisons, and job recommendations.

  • Social Media Interface

    Post your job recommendation results on facebook, twitter or linkedin.

  • Available on iPhone

    (iOS 6,7 & 8)

  • Available on Android

    (Android 2.3 and above)

  • Available on iPad

    (iOS 6,7 & 8)

See for yourself how easy it is



Easy to read summary reports are available for single and multiple job comparisons. The reports include clear graphics, bar charts, tables views, and job recommendation results. The screen instructions provide further explanation of reports.

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Social Media Interface

The Job Decision App has a social media interface allowing users the option to post their job recommendation results to facebook, twitter or linkedin.

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Decision making is easy once you have the tools and information at your fingertips. Perhaps it’s just the reassurance you need that you’ve made the right choice. At Job Decision, we understand how important this is to you. We are passionate about making job decisions easy and efficient.

Job Decision LLC is a small company, responsive and cares deeply.The company was founded by Marilyn Gutierrez.



  • « When job hunting, this tool is useful and invaluable. »

    John Loud, IT Programmer

  • « This is an innovative new tool that makes is easy to organize and compare job details at a glance. »

    Linda Brooks, Driver


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Have a few questions? Of course you do. We've got answers!

What is the Job Decision App?

The Job Decision App is a self-help tool to assist users in deciding if they need to keep their job or leave it.

I have more than one device, do I have to download the app for each device?

Yes, the app would need to be downloaded for each device.

If I have a question regarding using the job decision app, what can I do?

To assist users information guides are available on each screen, in addition, FAQ’s are posted on the jobdecisionapp.com website. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you may contact us at thejobdecisionapp@gmail.com .

How is the information I enter used by Job Decision App?

Information entered is only used to assist the job decision app user. Data is stored on the users phone until it is deleted by the start of a new job decision session.

May I use the Job Decision app if I’m unemployed?

Yes. The Job Decision app is intended to help the guide the user with their job decision. The user may use their previous job as a base for comparison against prospective jobs.

Who is the ideal candidate to use the Job Decision App?

The Job Decision app is available for anyone in the job market, inactive, active or passive job searcher.